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There is a monument at the edge of civilisation, an enigmatic object known as Chiron’s Doom. Nobody knows what it does, or who made it, or why. It has defied all previous attempts at understanding. Countless expeditions have torn themselves apart trying to learn its secrets.

There’s no reason to think your expedition will be any different, but here you are. Three more explorers standing before the monument, driven to try where all others have failed. How much are you willing to sacrifice to solve the mystery of Chiron’s Doom?


Chiron's Doom is a storytelling game inspired by gothic sci-fi and dark fantasy tales of unknowable monuments, doomed expeditions, and explorers too driven (or foolish) to know when to turn back. Each flip of a card brings the hope of new discoveries, but dangers multiply as the expedition wears on. Play to find out if any of your explorers can defy fate and finally learn the truth.

All you need is a deck of ordinary playing cards, a journal to record each day's setbacks and breakthroughs, and (optionally) one or two other players.


Buy Now$3.12 USD or more

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